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Just got back from watching “The Heat” and totally forgot about “This is the end” from the pilot episode so here is a double feature review of them both.

This is the end

Written and Directed by Seth Rogen  as well as starring him along with James Franco – Jonah Hill – Jay Baruchel – Danny Mcbride – Craig Robinson – all playing themselves as well as many other well known actors/celebrities. This is literally a comedy film of the end of the world as if this was happening in real life to all these people while they were having a party at James Franco’s house.

Packed with so much humour, jokes, laughs, and shocks of all variety including mass cock and ball jokes and among the sort this film is a must see, just seeing the dynamic of the characters being themselves added to the laughs and fun of the film and worked really well. My wife and I were laughing in every scene out loud! in front of a packed screen.

If you havn’t seen this yet and needing a laugh this is an instant win and thus far my fave comedy of the year but we are only half way.

(A must see)

The Heat

Sandra Bullock as Ashburn and Melissa McCarthy as Mullins are wrapping up the very end of june in a fun, fast paced and gripping comedy where the punches aren’t held back but continue to let it out no matter what. This was a great film packed with so much comedy some of which is comedy genious and I thank thee the comedian as well as the writer.

This film is about FBI Agent Ashburn and Boston Cop Mullins whom have never had a partner and now due to a drug lord needing to be taken down have been partnered up together to kick some bad guys ass.

I loved so much about this film and the scenes of comedy wern’t overly tedious and boring just to tie the scenes together, so nice job there guys and girls. This was a great film packed full of funny moments and ones that ended the last scene with the best moment of the film in my opinion :D so go check it out and let me know what you thought :).

(Go check it out)


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